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We've updated our page, you can still find our web-based Style Viewer.


Motorica Studio is a software program that integrates Motorica's animation generation and editing tools inside Unreal Engine 5. The UE integration is in the form of a precompiled plugin added to your UE project.

Discord Community and Help🔗︎

We have set up a Discord server with the goal of growing a community of enthusiastic individuals that wish to help each other out. This is a place where you can ask questions about animation and generative AI, share feedback with the Motorica team, or report issues that you experience with Motorica Studio.

The following button in Motorica Studio will quickly take you to our Discord server:

Next steps🔗︎

Get started with Motorica Studio by first setting up the plugin:

Other Guides: - Maya quickstart guide - Blender quickstart guide - Houdini tutorial - Maya tutorial